Statement on the Execution of Four Democratic Activists in Myanmar


As media report, the Myanmar junta executed four democratic activists, Kyaw Min Yu (the important leader), Phyo Zeya Thaw (former member of parliament from NLD), Hla Myo Aung and Aung Thura Zaw. They were executed for terrorism under close judicial procedure.

The Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UDHR) and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), core international human rights instruments, have guaranteed the right to life as a non-derogable right. Under these articles, men shall not be arbitrarily deprived of their lives, even in an armed conflict and other emergency situation threatening survival of nations.

An application of an execution is a deprivation of life. It should be abolished or abstained. In addition, death penalty should not be enforced for punishing some offences, such as political protest and assembly. That violates the ICCPR.

The Union for Civil Liberty, including the undersigned organizations and people, as Thai civil society, are deeply concerned about re-enforcement of death penalty by the Myanmar junta. We strongly condemn Junta grave breach of human rights and call on the followings:

1.The Myanmar junta must cease to retain their power and promptly return power to people, as a democratic path.

2.ASEAN community should have the determined position and measure on stipulating Myanmar junta to respect ASEAN 5-Point Consensus, instantly put an end to violence and bring Myanmar back into democracy.

3.The Thai government should have explicit position on disagreement of persecution of people by Myanmar junta and join with ASEAN in restoring democracy and human rights situation in Myanmar.

4.The United Nations mechanism and international community should play much active role on putting an end to violence and supporting a restoration of democracy and human rights in Myanmar

26th July 2022


  1. Union for Civil Liberty, Thailand (UCL)
  2. Human Rights Lawyers Association, Thailand (HRLA)
  3. Saiburi watershed Assosiation
  4. Cross Cultural Foundation
  5. Foundation for Labour and Employment Promotion
  6. Peace and Cultural Foundation
  7. Human Rights and Development Foundation (HRDF)
  8. People’s empowerment foundation
  9. Thai Volunteer Service Foundation
  10. Satirakoses-Nagapradipa Foundation
  11. Pro-rights Foundation
  12. Campaign for Popular Democracy – CPD.
  13. Thai Action Committee for Democracy in Burma (TACDB)
  14. The Relatives Committee of May 1992 Heroes
  15. Malongdu Theatre
  16. Youth Health Promotion Movement
  17. Network of Indigenous Peoples in Thailand
  18. Karen network for Culture and Environment
  19. Peaceful Homeland Network
  20. People protection Network of Thailand
  21. Welfare State Network for Equality and Fairness-We Fair
  22. Home Net Thailand
  23. Network of Informal Workers in the Northeast of Thailand
  24. Northeast Women Network, Thailand
  25. Kru Kor Sorn
  26. Non-Binary Thailand
  27. Democracy Restoration Group
  28. FTA Watch
  29. Legal Advocacy Center for Indigenous Communities
  30. Young People for Social Democracy Movement, Thailand (YPD.)
  31. Legal Aid and Clinical Study Center, School of Law, Rangsit University
  32. Centre for Human Rights and Peace Studies at Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University
  33. Social Democracy Think Tank (Thailand)
  34. Pridi Banomyong Institute
  35. Assembly of Phetchabun students
  36. Worker’s Union
  37. Confederation for Helping Mon at Border
  38. Political Science Student Union of Chulalongkorn University
  39. The Student Government of Chulalongkorn University (SGCU))
  40. Sam Yan Press
  41. Assembly of Singhdam
  42. Free Gender TH
  43. Salayanion
  44. Free Phuket
  45. UD DONE (Udonpokante)
  46. AroAce-clusionist: Aromantic & Asexual Exist
  47. Makhampom Theatre. Group
  48. NeurodiverThai
  50. SHero Thailand
  51. SAGA Thailand
  52. Kittithat Sumalnop
  53. Kirapat Kanokpaka
  54. Kannika Kuankachorn)
  55. Kanasit Puang-Ampai
  56. Ngamsuk Ruttanasatain
  57. Jukkarin Sritongwijit
  58. Jiraporn Budtarad
  59. Chalong Soontravanich
  60. Chompuoonoot Chalieoboon
  61. Mr. Chumpon Sriruamsap
  62. Chupinit Kesmanee
  63. Nicha Phannajit
  64. Nadthasiri Bergman
  65. Tanruthai Thanrut
  66. Thip-upsorn Sivathorn
  67. Thatsanai Rinsan
  68. Thammanoon Manuspipat
  69. Tanawat Suwannapan
  70. Thanattapol Chairussami
  71. Thongchai Ashayagachat
  72. Teerayut Sirimas
  73. Naruemon Thapchumpon
  74. Napassorn Thomya
  75. Napassorn Puenpoka
  76. Ban Kaewchom
  77. Piyachat Sinpimolboon
  78. Pornpimon Rojjanapo
  79. Poranie Charoensomchit
  80. Paruhat Pahakullabutr
  81. Dr.Pattaramon Suwapan
  82. Ratsada Manooratsada, Lawyer
  83. Vorapat Veerapattanakupt
  84. Wipas Wimonsate
  85. Vilasinee Morkjaroenpong
  86. Watcharakorn Chaikaew, United Front of Thammasat and Demonstration
  87. Wichaya Komin
  88. Backyard Politics
  89. Mr.Vichai Kosanguanmitr
  90. Viengrat Nethipo
  91. Seksan Sumontri
  92. Somnuck Jongmeewasin
  93. Sakorn Songma
  94. Siraphop Attohi
  95. Santichai Chaiket
  96. Mr.Sumitchai Huttasan
  97. Suvimol Roongcharoen
  98. Asst.Prof. Dr. Smithirak Jantarak
  99. Itt-arnik Chitviset
  100. Adisorn Kerdmongkol
  101. Anan Udtama
  102. Arthit Jiamrattanyoo
  103. Hakim Pongtigor
  104. Kornkanok Khumta
  106. Naowarat Suasa-ard
  108. Parit Chomchuen
  109. Supaporn Asadamongkoln
  110. Mrs. Puttan Sakaekhum
  111. Mr.Chuvong Seangkong
  112. Nawamin trabut
  113. Yada Kriangkraiwuttikul
  114. Thai Allied Committee with Desegregated Burma Foundation (TACDB Foundation)
  115. Asian Network for Free Election (ANFREL)
  116. Thai Working Group for ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism