Protesting against death of Mr. George Floyd, a black American, from violent torture committed by US police officers

            Union for Civil Liberty (UCL), a human rights organization in Thailand, strongly condemn the incident on 25th May 2020 of which four police officers in Minneapolis City, Minnesota, U.S.A., arrested Mr. George Floyd, a black American, and a white police officer kneeled on his neck when he did not resist the arrest and continued even after he pleaded that he could not breathe, resulting in his death.  The incident has caused much anger amongst people of all colours, leading to protests in more than 100 cities all over the US and around the world.

            Union for Civil Liberty would very much like to express our condolences to family of Mr. Floyd and American people for this lost.  The incident is a serious violation of human rights of which people, not only in the US, but all around the world cannot accept.   UCL therefore is demanding that the following actions are carried out:

  1. US authorities thoroughly prosecute all the four police officers who involved in the torture of Mr. George Floyd that in the end resulted in his death.
  2. US President Donald J. Trump officially apologize to all American people, especially black Americans, concerning this incident, and US government pay compensation to legal heir of Mr. Floyd.
  3. US authorities solve the long-term deep-rooted problem of racism which was the cause of this incident, especially at the time when US top leader has shown racial expression resulting in increasing insult, cynic and bad treatment against people who are different, and consequently more cleavages and less safety in American society.
  4. US authorities take concrete and wide-range actions to positively change attitude and actions of state officials towards people of different colours, particularly US police who have often used violence against them, in order to establish respect of human dignity, promote equality, making them the way of life of all American people.


With faith in human dignity, rights and freedom

                        Union for Civil Liberty

                        1st June 2020, Thailand