Statement of Union for Civil Liberty (Thailand)

Expressing condolence and moral support to those impacted by lost of lives and properties in case of violence in Yala Province on 5th November 2019

and strongly condemning the terrorists


As being reported in the media that many armed men had attacked a guardhouse of a village safety retainment unit at Thung Sadao Village, Lamphraya Sub-District, Mueng Yala District, Yala Province, on the night of 5th November 2019, causing death to 15 persons, mostly civilians including a woman, and severe injuries to 4 more persons.  This group of terrorists also took away weapons in the guardhouse and caused many damages to properties around it,

Union for Civil Liberty (UCL) would like to express our deep condolence and give full moral support to families, relatives and community members of those who lost their lives and injured, strongly condemn those who committed this act of terrorism which was a grave violation of basic human rights, particularly the right to life.   We demand that all parties must immediately stop using violence in whatever form or with whatever reason and turn to look for solutions to any problems through peaceful means.  We very much hope that such violent incidence and grave violation of human rights would not happen again and critical situation there at present would quickly return back to normal.  We demand that related agencies take actions as follows:

  1. Investigation must be speedily carried out to bring wrongdoers to justice as soon as possible,
  2. Families of those who lost their lives and injured must be immediately healed in all aspects, and
  3. Open discussion/negotiation to solve the conflicts and related problems in the Southern border provinces must be continuously pursued without any conditions to cause frustration to any party.


With absolute trust in peace and human rights principle

                              Union for Civil Liberty (Thailand)

                                             7th November 2019